About Candidate

Previously Marta Tompson has served as a Head of People’s Organization in New Hampshire at the same time working as a Legal Adviser in local Women’s Organization. Being a legal officer and an active community member she has won the confidence and trust among New Hampshire residents.

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Fighting for the Middle Class

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Fighting for Children & Families

Marta was appointed to the position of Head of US Women’s Organization in 2015 and was awarded as the most successful head of social organization. Marta gained great results in organization of work of social organization and in improving life conditions of low-income groups.While working as a Head Marta used her position to make human rights and socio-economic justice a central talking point of all U.S. foreign initiatives. She visited many towns and families with low income to check herself the living conditions and to evaluate the scope of assistance these families need. She also organized support desks in supermarkets where volunteers collect clothes for poor people.The Woman Organization, under Marta’s leadership has been able to achieve amazing results in helping families, women and children. New Hampshire supports her and Marta’s rating in her native region is impressive! Her political program is close to all people as she emphasizes on social and human values and better future.